Change Thrivers Tools

3 Types of Change

Not all changes are equal in intensity and require the same skills to cope with. What are the different types? What type of changes scare us the most and make us feel most vulnerable? Afsaneh answers these questions.


Cycle of Change

Wouldn’t it be great to have a blueprint for the major changes in life? There is. The Cycle of Change Model from the book Change Thrivers – Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work talks about the stages of transformational change and what you can do to go beyond survival to thriving in change.


Change-Back Pressure

Have you ever been excited about a change you were making but your loved ones were not? Did they have a hard time with you changing and wanted you to change things back to the way they were? That is called change-back pressure. This Change Thrivers tools video tells you what to do.


Feedback Model

The ” Feedback Model” is an effective communication tool that is featured in “Change Thrivers, Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work” by Afsaneh Noori. Feedback is defined as information that flows between people about their interactions. Effective feedback is sharing information with someone in such a way that truly helps that person understand your view so they can consider it, or their own blind spots and facilitates their personal growth.