Speaking Testimonials

Afsaneh Noori is one of the best! She is the kind of person who can completely change the tone in a room, creating a setting where learning, enlightenment, and reconciliation occur. She has a remarkable ability to communicate with people of any background; for example, consider her experience as a consultant-trainer dealing with the power company lineman in a time when women weren’t all that prominent in the workforce. She is smart, savvy, empathetic — and she delivers!

Andrea Brunais, Book Editor Andrea Brunais


Such a gift you gave us when you spoke at Tampa Writers Alliance. THANK YOU! You provided such a vivid story, rich in detail . . . I think we all learned–about storytelling, integrating our stories with our lives, developing a platform, and the courage to be REAL with our readers and audiences. I have, for the past eight years, admired your insight, compassion, integrity, and dedication to helping others grow into excellence. Your presentation delivered all that I expected and more.

Sandra Kischuk, Owner, Living Beyond Limits, LLC


Afsaneh Noori is a motivational speaker well worth her weight in gold.

Dee Thomas, CMT, FAAMT, Thomas Transcription Services, Inc.


Afsaneh did a beautiful job! Poise, Charm, Warmth & Strength = Afsaneh. The message I heard was that “positive change is available to everyone who keeps an open heart and mind.”

Marcia Keller – Lambent Technologies LLC, Brandeis University National Women’s committee 


The overall message I got was that we determine the outcome of our lives based on our decisions regarding the events that occur day to day. Afsaneh’s presentation was a very enjoyable progression of stories to illustrate how we must make choices and to never expect life to be without challenges. This was a very important lesson.

Darlene Myers – Digital Lightwave Inc.


The message I took about change is “to open myself up rather than react or hide. Afsaneh’s story is an inspiration and she shares it like poetry.”

Donna Cutting – Show Stopping Solutions


What I got from Afsaneh’s presentation is “to know who I am and to be true to myself.” Afsaneh is a true storyteller. She reinforced what I believe.

Sabina Venable – Colonial Bank


The point I can use right away is to take care of myself during times of change. Afsaneh’s presentation was beautiful – She inspired me to take care of myself and look at the positive aspects of my life and use them.

Patricia Lyons – St. Petersburg Junior College


Afsaneh’s presentation was beyond my expectations – Bravo! I feel that there is always hope for me. The personal stories always lift the soul.

Rona L Levy – Tampa Chapter Chairperson, Brandeis University National Women’s committee 


Afsaneh’s presentation was excellent and important to me at this time. Her message reminded me to stay adaptable and think beyond the moment. I need to let go of what I am holding to have my hands free for what I want to pick up.

Cheri L. Strong CMT, Lutheran Health Network, American Association for Medical Transcripts


Afsaneh’s story is a great testimony for growth through change, adversity and life cycles. A low state of mind is not permanent.

Judi Norris, FL Hospital Deland


I especially enjoyed hearing your own story and liked the reinforcement of the idea that change is inevitable and that you need to have resources ready ahead of a crisis.

Sue Jacobson, Westshore BPW – Programs VP


I thank you for giving me a “fresh outlook” on the things to come…and also giving me tools to better equip me to deal with change. I’m on my way to becoming a “Change Thriver!!!”

Yataye Keaton


Afsaneh is a warm and personable speaker who relates well to her audience and is open to questions and comments from them.  She is a vibrant, beautiful person with a valuable message.  I look forward to hearing her speak again.

MaryEtta Fisher – Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County


Afsaneh Noori is a polished public speaker. She has a well-organized set of techniques and materials to help people develop strategies to deal with major shifts in their lives.  She had a warm, helpful manner that encouraged participants to focus on their personal challenges. It was a pleasure dealing with her.

Parker Collins, Program Committee Chair, Unitarian Universalist Church Of Tallahassee


Afsaneh is a warm and engaging speaker and was well-received by our members, friends, and visitors. I overheard people remark that Afsaneh was “refreshing” and that her message “was just what I needed to hear today!” Folks were delighted with Afsaneh’s inspiring and positive presentation, her personal and candid telling of her life changes, and of course her skill, advice, and testimony to not simply surviving change, but thriving change. Thank you Afsaneh!

Colleen Kessler, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach


It is my pleasure to recommend Afsaneh Noori as an inspirational and educational speaker for your group or event. Her humor, candor, and skill in mining personal stories for universal meaning created an intriguing, uplifting lesson for all in attendance. Afsaneh’s ability to cross cultures and break barriers are motivating and uplifting. In short, I recommend her and her presentations to you without hesitation.

Rafi Ellis – President, Board of Trustees, The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland


You will be well pleased if you invite Afsaneh Noori to be a speaker, presenter, or trainer for your organization or institution.  Her willingness to use her own experience, coupled with her warm, clear, and inspiring speaking skills, keep an audience’s rapt attention.  Afsaneh is a very empathic person, a good listener as well as a good speaker. Afsaneh has been one of the most cooperative and flexible speakers I have dealt with during my tenure.  She evinces high professional standards but at the same time remains warm and open while working out practical details.

Harriet Blymiller, Ph.D., Worship Committee Chairperson, UUCT


Afsaneh gave a presentation on the subject of thriving with change.  It was a most inspiring talk, and I heard many favorable comments from our members. It is such personal experiences that form much of the substance of her work as an author, consultant, and speaker.  Any person who has lived long enough has experienced a number of such changes that present the possibility of personal transformation, and what Afsaneh has learned is how to provide us with some guidance as to how this can occur.  I am certainly pleased to recommend her as a speaker to your group.

Donald K. Routh, Ph.D., Professor emeritus, University of Miami


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for your services as a motivational speaker. Your lecture, “Thriving in change”, presented to our Altrusa International Inc. was well-received. The attendees rated your workshop as informational, useful and overall outstanding. They felt the ideas presented were beneficial and thoughts provoking. You are truly a change thriver extraordinaire! It is our honor to recommend you as a motivational speaker for groups interested in giving their attendees a presentation that would be relevant in their business and personal life.

Cathie Schantz, President – Altrusa International of Tampa Bay

Afsaneh Noori is an exceptional and entertaining speaker. She wove into her life story important concepts about handling change. She offered the audience helpful tips and suggestions. Many people approached her with personal matters and concerns afterward. She was involved with these one-on-one sessions for at least 30 minutes. Three times as many people as normal approached me about how much they enjoyed her as a speaker. Afsaneh is a capable and personable professional speaker.

Douglas Worthington, Unitarian Universalist Church in Summerfield


Afsaneh Noori Is a professional speaker, Charming, entertaining, and Polished. Her spirit of love and enthusiasm were delivered in a masterful way. I highly recommend her.

Elsie Huebner, Spiritual Leader – Unity Community Church


Afsaneh Noori Is an excellent public speaker and her message is one that offers hope in spite of the often painful demands of change. I highly recommend her.

Jody McBrien, Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota