Do Your Leaders Struggle with
Dysfunctional Teams and/or People Issues that Hold their Performance Back?

We know how to diagnose and address roadblocks that undermine results.  Our proven roadmap equips organizations, teams, and leaders with the skills and tools needed to perform at their peak, to address change and effectively meet their business challenges.


Tailored to your particular needs, we offer:

Corporate Consulting

Organizational Development Solutions that…
Position your key resources for success as they carry out their roles, execute strategies and lead initiatives that deliver high impact results.

Leadership Coaching and Development designed to…
Prepare supervisors and leaders to effectively accomplish objectives by tapping their full potential to effectively lead, engage, and mobilize workforce performance.

Team Development Solutions, targeted to…
Promote Peak Performing Teams by implementing the Integrated Performance Model – IPM™, aimed at developing crucial skills, optimal environments, collaborative approaches, and change-ready capabilities.

Change Management Solutions, proven to…
Mobilize your organizations’ change readiness and agility beyond the less responsive traditional change management technique of “Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze”.  Change savvy leaders and a responsive workforce are competitive advantages that organizations can’t afford to be without in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Corporate Training

  • Leadership and change management training provide essential skills for leaders to effectively guide their teams in an ever-changing business environment.
  • Our team training workshops aim at providing both interaction and functional skills for your team to become high performing.

Speaking Engagements

Afsaneh Noori is known for her ability to deliver inspiring, empowering, entertaining and thought- provoking keynotes and workshops.

Meeting Facilitation

Skilled master facilitators are available to help plan, design and organize your meetings, strategic planning sessions, and/or off-site team building activities.


We train in-house trainers to deliver our team and leadership development workshops.


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