Keynotes & Workshops

Corporate Keynotes & Workshops

Presentations are modified in length for keynote speeches (30-60 Minutes), workshops (2-4 hours) OR intensives (1-2 days).

  • “Thriving in Change”
    This workshop is based on Afsaneh’s book Change Thrivers—Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work. It is designed to help individuals explore the nature of transformational change. Participants examine suitable responses to welcome the various stages of change. The Change Thriver Model helps people focus on developing three sets of necessary characteristics; solid mindset and belief system to stay anchored, self-preservation tools to weather the storms, and effective approaches to reinventing The awareness and techniques gained in this workshop empower participants to go beyond survival and learn how to thrive through changes.
  • “Facilitative Change Leadership”
    Effective leaders know that essential leadership skills include demonstrating empathy, recognizing the significance of emotions on behavior, and choosing appropriate ways to cope with their own and others’ responses to change. This is a dynamic learning program for leaders who want to skillfully guide change initiatives. It focuses on how to lead organizations through the most challenging aspects of change: understanding the need for it and the initial resistance to it. Organizations constantly face new challenges that require evolving policies and processes. Yet organizational change also means individual change, which is often an emotional experience for the people going through it.
  • “Change Ready organizations”
    Changing roles and priorities have an impact at all levels of organizations. Leading and functioning well in a changing organization requires effective leadership skills, integration of social and technical team skills while aligning support systems.  Understanding the nature of change and the human side of work is the key to creating a trusting work environment.  This workshop offers an overview for establishing collaborative team-based environments where people are equipped to respond to change effectively and can take advantage of the opportunities it may offer.


Inspirational Keynotes

  • “The Road from Conflict to Harmony”
    Harmony is not the absence of conflict, but the skills to manage conflict constructively. In this presentation, Afsaneh weaves stories to demonstrate the physiology of conflict and teach the audience effective ways to move beyond differences to find harmony.
  • “Thriving in Change”
    In this presentation, Afsaneh teaches the cycle of personal change through weaving her personal stories of adapting to change. She takes the audience back to her childhood in a foreign country, tells of a forbidden love that brought her to the United States at the age of 20, the political revolution that devastated her family, and the professional changes in her adult life; all leading her to become a Change Thriver, and now teaching the ways of Thriving in Change.
  • “The Gift of Forgiveness and Letting Go”
    Afsaneh tells a story about her journey from victimhood to claiming her power through forgiveness. She invites the attendees to explore where in their lives, they see themselves as victims and how they too can begin the process of changing that perception and giving themselves the gift of letting go.
  • “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not! A mother–daughter story”
    In this inspirational keynote, Afsaneh tells the story of an evolving relationship with her mother, from the early years of misunderstanding and conflict to breaking away from the relationship long enough to learn a new way of coming together and finding peace, love, and understanding. Although Afsaneh speaks of a mother–daughter relationship, the lessons in this story apply to any complicated and emotionally charged relationship.