Corporate Training Workshops

Leadership and Change Management Workshops

  • Create Responsive and Change-Ready Organizations

An overview of the nature, types, and dynamics of organizational change is presented to the participants. They explore organizational stress, various responses to change and learn about an integrated approach to organizational change. The agenda includes discussions on the pace of organizational change, leading organizational change and design of a change management action plan

  • Managing Change and Resistance for Leaders

The best way to implement a successful change strategy is to teach leaders how to become effective change agents. Participants will learn why the buy-in and readiness of those impacted by the change are crucial for success. They will understand the nature of change and resistance, the relationship between personal and organizational change, and the unwanted effects of unmanaged organizational change.

  • Facilitative Leadership Skills

One of the core skills for any leader is facilitating group interactions. Participants receive an orientation to meeting management and facilitative leadership skills. They learn the structure of effective teams, blocks to group effectiveness, and how to position their teams for success.  They practice group process interventions and ways to handle meeting difficulties.


Team Development workshops

These interactive workshops are designed for teams and their leaders.

  • Team Development Foundation

This workshop builds a foundation for intact or cross-functional teams and their leaders to learn the basic principles of effective teamwork.  Participants learn about the structure of effective teaming, skills to create successful team relationships, the characteristics of peak performing teams, and the stages of team development.

  • Personality Types – Hands-on Tool

Understanding one’s own and others personality types helps participants have a framework to understand their differences and use them to strengthen their relationships.  This workshop is based on Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI) with applications for effective leadership, better communications, team development, change management, conflict resolution and more.

  • Types and Stress Reactions (based on MBTI personality types – Personality Types – Hands-on Tool is a pre-requisite)

In the grip of stressful circumstances, people can act differently than their norm by behaving in counterproductive, reactionary ways.  Based on personality type, this workshop identifies the particular triggers that cause an individual’s hidden personality to erupt and offers a corrective way to return to balance.

  • Communicating for Results

The aim of this workshop is to understand some of the sources of misunderstandings and learn communication techniques that can prevent or reduce destructive conflict.

  • 7 Keys to Healthy Conflict

Conflict of ideas can be a positive source of creativity; however, personal conflicts can erode the relationships in a team. This workshop helps participants explore root causes of conflict, identify the types of conflict, recognize the symptoms, learn ways to keep emotions in check, and choose effective responses to communicate for resolution

  • Team Empowerment and Decision Making

Team empowerment coupled with decision making can be one of the most misunderstood teaming concepts. In this workshop, the participants learn about the four decision-making modes, the factors to choose a decision mode, how to reach consensus, and the process/degrees of empowerment

  • Team Problem Solving

It is not uncommon for teams to leap from noticing a problem to generating solutions, without considering the root causes or setting criteria for choosing the best solution. This workshop teaches participants a systematic problem-solving model and the tools to accomplish each stage. They also learn a process improvement model to simplify work processes.

  • Conducting Effective Team Meetings

One of the key communication mechanisms for teams is having effective team meetings. This workshop focuses both on the processes and tools necessary for teams to use their meetings for maximum value.

  • Thriving in Change (Managing Personal Change)

Organization change is personal to those who go through it. An organization is as ready for change as its employees may be.  The participants learn about the different types of change and the large energy shift between “Surviving change” and “Thriving in change.” Participants explore the stages and emotional responses in a cycle of change and how to respond effectively to various stages to become change ready.

  • Assimilating New Team Members

The addition of a new team member changes the dynamics of the team. To maintain cohesion and performance, a new member’s orientation process focuses on team roles, goals, interaction processes, measures for success. Members exchange expectations, make new agreements, review team processes, and explore each other’s personality types. This workshop prepares teams to successfully integrate new members.