Consulting Testimonials

Afsaneh is a solid and value-added asset to me and my team. By working with such an effective coach and organizational development consultant, we have unquestionably experienced a positive return on our investment. Her unique background as an industrial engineer and individual, team, and leadership coach and trainer offers a comprehensive approach that allows her to accurately assess underlying issues, then design and deliver meaningful solutions. Her welcoming demeanor breaks down resistances and establishes a climate of safety and trust enabling healthy interaction, conflict resolution, and real progress to occur.

Donald Crandall, Plant Manager at Invenergy LLC

Afsaneh has the ability to quickly build rapport with management and employees. She can explain concepts in a way that people can understand, act upon and remember. She recently worked with us providing leadership and team development and did an outstanding job. She understands human dynamics and, in my experience, has always been very successful in getting people to work together. She has a lasting, positive impact on the people she meets. I highly recommend her as a change facilitator.

Ralph Randall, Regional Plant Director at Invenergy LLC

Afsaneh Noori is a gifted person on so many levels. She excels as a trainer and management consultant. One of her great strengths is being perceptive. As a management consultant, she does not miss a thing. I never worked with anyone else so skilled at grasping the intangibles of group dynamics and understanding the interworking, weaknesses and strengths of teams. These skills make her a master at team building and improvement. Most any consultant can parrot the latest management fad in a scripted training class but I have not encountered anyone else with the ability to diagnose and understand the complex interpersonal dynamics necessary to actually add value and leave a team more effective due to their training and coaching. Once you meet Afsaneh, you quickly know she has a genuine love for her chosen field and it shows in the quality of her training, presentations, and consultations.

 Jerry Watson, Plant Manager Lagoon Creek Combined Cycle at Tennessee Valley Authority

I have had the opportunity to work with Afsaneh over many years. She is passionate and energetic about helping teams, individuals and organizations make improvements in their relationships, interactions and work environment. These improvements drive the business and individual to make positive changes for results. She is focused on helping others reach their goals and succeed. She does a great job of identifying opportunities and issues, building support for change and driving execution to achieve the goals.

Dianne Merrill, Director Integration and Process Excellence at TECO Services Inc.


I have had the extreme pleasure not only to know but to work with Afsaneh for 13 years. Afsaneh brings a multitude of talents to bear when working with individuals and most especially when working with groups. She has a great charm about her and exhibits trust that encourages others to open up, to reach in and share their innermost thoughts all for the purpose of improving relationships. I look forward to knowing and working with Afsaneh for many years to come.

Carl Tucker, Plant Manager – Entegra Power Group


Afsaneh is a terrific change consultant, group facilitator and team developer. She designs well and implements well. She re-designs in the moment when needed as a meeting progresses. Her years of experience as an industrial engineer, team developer, and change facilitator combine to make her able to deal with anything that happens. I highly recommend Afsaneh. She is full of wonderful surprises that work perfectly to meet her client’s objectives.

 Eileen Broer, Master Certified Executive Coach and Consultant at Human Dimension, Leveraged Leader, Executive Core & Korn/Ferry


I have had the pleasure of working with Afsaneh at two different facilities. Her skills in conflict resolution and change management are unrivaled. It is rare to work with someone who is so immersed in their field of expertise. This is not just a job to Afsaneh. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to resolve any issues presented. She has a great understanding of how people think, feel and react to others and uses that understanding with amazing effectiveness to resolve issues between people. Afsaneh is not only a consummate professional but also a wonderful human being. She has my highest recommendation.

Tony Alvelo, Lead Operator at Commonwealth Chesapeake LLC


I have nothing but praise for Afsaneh and her exceptional consulting skills. Since she came from a business environment herself and has an engineering degree, she demonstrates a natural ability to understand the “big picture” of what our organization is trying to accomplish and translates it into step by step actions to ensure success.

Susan Vance-Johnson, Human Resources Manager and Business Partner , Lucent Technologies


Afsaneh Noori is an excellent organization development consultant, trainer, and expert in change management. She has expertise in many organization development processes and interventions. Afsaneh is also a published author and sought after speaker. She demonstrates a high level of integrity and concern for others in all of her interactions. I highly recommend her!

 Gayle Waldron, Owner, The Management Edge


Afsaneh Noori is truly a one-of-a-kind professional. Her toolbox is vast; she can bring together a wealth of experiences and intuition to help individuals and teams break away from dysfunctional communication and engagement to become high-performing, effective, and empowered. She excels at helping resolve conflicts. I give her my highest recommendation and honor her work in making a real difference in people’s lives.

Susan S. Freeman, Executive & Business Coach-Strategic Advisor to CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Senior Leaders & Teams- Author-Speaker- MBA, PCC


The Centre for Women would like to applaud and highly recommend Afsaneh for the consummate professional and incredibly warm person that she is time and time again. Her workshops are well prepared and well received, each a perfect blend of offering facts and eliciting feelings! Afsaneh embodies the word THRIVE. She is a one- of- a kind treasure to our community and I am happy to endorse her many endeavors.

 Susan McIntyre, Director of Counseling and Wellness at The Centre for Women


It is with pleasure that I recommend Afsaneh Noori. She is always the professional, an engaging facilitator, entertaining speaker and knowledgeable in change management and conflict resolution. I have known Afsaneh for over 25 years. She has expertise in so many topics and has a diverse array of talents. My experiences with her have always been a joy.

Donna Minton, Executive Recruiter, HR & Change Agent- Business Owner