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Afsaneh Noori

With a unique mix of technical expertise and organizational development savvy, Afsaneh Noori has collaboratively devised countless successful client work plans and interventions focused on accelerating change management, effectively transforming resistance, delivering high-impact leadership approaches, teaching proven conflict resolution strategies, and providing work team development/coaching.

Afsaneh Noori has been an organization development consultant for over twenty-five years. She is the founder and president of Socio-Tech Systems (STS), now called Change Thrivers, a consulting firm that supports organizations in creating balanced strategies for conflict resolution, transformational change, enhancing leadership skills to manage change and resistance with compassion, and providing tools for employees to deal with challenges effectively.

Conflict resolution, change management and cultural transformation, organizational assessment, leadership coaching and development, team development, process redesign and improvement, workshop design and facilitation, training and train-the-trainer are Afsaneh’s areas of expertise. She brings a dynamic presentation style, diverse experiences, and real-world application tools to any project she undertakes. Afsaneh is also a published author, speaker and conflict resolution coach.

Afsaneh’s clients comprise of Fortune 500 corporations in many industries, as well as non-profits. A partial list includes Invenergy LLC, First Advantage, Essilor of America, Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Home Shopping Network, Ford Motor Company, Caterpillar, the United States Air Force, Yamaha, Corning, Progressive Insurance, Anheuser-Busch, Bank of America, Ingram Barge Company, TECO Energy, City of Tampa and The Spring of Tampa Bay.

Iranian born and raised, Afsaneh and her immediate family moved to the United States when she was twenty years old. She attended the University of South Florida where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering. Afsaneh began her career as an Industrial Engineer with the Tampa Electric Company (TECO). As her capabilities were recognized to far exceed the traditional role of engineer, her position grew to that of an internal consultant, trainer, team developer, and change agent. She went on to lead a company-wide education program called Changing Gears, geared to help employees understand the effects of competition and change within the utility industry and TECO.

After successive accomplishments at TECO, Afsaneh went on to start her own firm. In addition, she teamed up with two other well-known consulting groups, Productivity Development Systems, Inc., and The Human Dimension. Currently, Afsaneh is collaborating with Human Dimension as an independent consultant. She also works with other independent consultants when a project calls for it.

Afsaneh is the author of Change Thrivers—Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work. This book draws upon her organizational consulting experience and personal journey towards self-discovery. Through Change Thrivers concepts, Afsaneh teaches individuals and organizations how to embrace change and realize their undiscovered potential. From books and keynote speeches to workshops, coaching and consulting, Afsaneh’s Change Thrivers empowers her audiences to successfully navigate the uncertainty of change by trusting the process of life.